Anyone Having Problems With Their PSN+ Voucher Codes?

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#1 Posted by redskins2156 (2553 posts) -

I have three psn+ vouchers, 2 that came with bf4 and killzone, and 1 that came with my ps4. Neither one of them work, is anyone else having these issues?

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#2 Posted by Sophette (515 posts) -

Mine wouldn't work on the first night. Kept saying it was invalid. I haven't tried it since then, I'll give it another go tonight when I get home.

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Are you already part of PlayStation Plus?

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#4 Posted by Sophette (515 posts) -

I am, could that be the issue? I read other forum posts of people saying the voucher could stack.

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The 7 day ones that come with games say "7 Day Trial" which may mean that they are only usable if you are not currently a PS+ member.

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I was having trouble due to the traffic but they cleaned it up last night and I was able to redeem.

The one-month plus code that comes with the console does stack. As for the ones that come with the shooters I'm not sure about as I haven't tried to redeem them. Keep trying!

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#7 Posted by freedom01 (3065 posts) -

those PS+ Vouchers are only for people without PS+

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#8 Posted by XspidervenomX (372 posts) -

Even though the codes don't say so they don't work if your a PLUS member already. I think for 400$ of you get another 30 day or 7 days and the code doesn't say otherwise SONY should honor them.

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#9 Posted by Large_Soda (8658 posts) -

I don't know about the 7 day trial that comes with games, but I was able to add the 30 day code to my existing PS+ sub. I am assuming it stacks, haha, otherwise I've just downgraded my membership! Oh well, time will tell.