Anyone Frustrated with Spiderman's Combat?

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It really feels like a missed opportunity. The potential for a really fun action fighting system was there, if not necessarily as complex as devil May Cry. But they went the direction of Batman, which is more restrictive and really takes away from the feeling that you get of actually being Spiderman while free roaming.

First of all, the combat looks gorgeous, and you can string together some great looking combos which allow you to be creative. But constantly having to look at your character's head for signals to dodge instead of being able to focus on and perfect the combat and string together some really fun and cool combos takes away from it. If I get beat, I want it to be because I'm not good enough or I try to do too much. I don't want it to be because I failed to press a button which would interrupt the fun that I was having . It's like having to watch your car in Rocket league for button prompts instead of becoming good at the actual gameplay. No fun.

So close. The amazing free roam gameplay combined with a fun, stylish beat em up as opposed to a fairly on rails timing based combat system would have been great.

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The combat isn't bad, I actually love how it works and how you can reach bad guys from anywhere at any moment and how fast and slick, Spiderman can move between people. It's perfect for Spiderman and it really shows how phenomenal his agility is.

I just hate the fact that he focuses on kicking. It feels kinda outta character since Spiderman was always a brawler. He always punched more than he kicked. But the use of gadgets is great too. As far combat goes, it works perfectly. But I really wish he had more moves in general.

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I wish people would stop saying Spiderman PS4 stole the combat from the arkam games.

The early 2000's spiderman games had this combat system......Batman took that formula from spiderman....