Any word on Playstation Plus for Vita yet?

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Got a 30 Day Free Playstation Plus Code and I heard there was going to be news this month ?

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It's already started but it's not for many games. Last time I check PSN the game "When Viking Attack" was discounted on the PS Vita at like $7 instead of $10 for PSN Plus members. I don't know when they will be offering the retail games and stuff though.
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There have actually been a few discounts for Vita games before - in particular, Sound Shapes and Foosball 2012, both cross-play games. During that one sports game sale in the summer, a couple of sports titles had extra discounts for Plus members. So it's not exactly "started" because discounts were already available before, but an announcement is due soon for PS Plus' official launch with the full game collection, cloud saving, and auto-updates. My guess is that they're waiting on a firmware update that supports these additional system features.
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The official blog will update sometime today with the details

"Looking ahead to next week, well be outlining our plans for PS Vita Plus support, gaming legends Warren Spector and David Cage will be stopping by to shoot the breeze, and well be speaking to the developers behind Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified. See you all back here on Monday"

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It looks like it's going to be Monday the 19th of November.

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I'm actually surprised that the US is receiving better Plus titles than EU/AUS/NZ for a change.

I'd happily give up both Uncharted and Gravity Rush (which I already own :P ) for Jet Set Radio :(