Any good hunting game like Far Cry 3?

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One of the main reasons why I like Far Cry 3 is the ability to hunt wild animals. Are there any games where it's an open world environment like Far Cry 3 and lets you hunt wild animals like tigers, sharks, and all those man-eating beasts? Don't say Cabela because I don't think it's open world (or is it?).

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Well there's Red Dead Redemption, although the animals are more "tame" than Far Cry 3. There's cougars, bears, deer, etc. but nothing like tigers or sharks.

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Read Dead Redemption

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Manhunt. You hunt man, the ultimate game.

OT: I wouldn't really refer to the cougars, and to some extent bears, in RDR as tame. Those beasts are frightening. You can try Monster Hunter.

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Look into the recent "Cabela" games... They aren't reviewed very well (5.3), but a review score isn't everything unless it's just a flat-out broken game, technically. The person who played it for review might not be into hunting in the first place, and found it lacking because they walked and walked, stalked and stalked, without achieving anything. I see piss-poor reviews of NASCAR games everywhere because generally, the reviewers have no clue about what a FAN would see or expect in a game about the sport. Most just criticize games for not being NFS or BurnOut in nature, and therefor "boring" or too difficult.

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Cabela isn't open-world, unfortunately. But it's still a decent hunting game.
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As most would say here,Red Dead Redemption is very similar,I think the Far Cry 3 devs mentioned that Red Dead was an inspiration for Far Cry and you can tell.I actually preferred the hunting in Red Dead.

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you can hunt in Assassins Creed 3
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Assassins Creed III, there is a living breathing Eco-system with large open environments. I honestly spent over 10 hours hunting, snaring, trapping and overall exploring different areas to hunt.