About quitting PS4 games

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This has just got me a little concerned and am just a bit unsure whether I am doing this correctly. I have 2 games at the moment when I bought my PS4 on Friday. When I finished playing Infamous I pressed the PS Home button on the Dualshock controller and went to Close Application which means the game right and then clicked on the Option Button again to Remove the Game Disk.

I am just a bit worried with the console been new to me that I might be doing something wrong and damaging it but can I just have clarification that I am doing it right and wrong. If I am doing it wrong please tell me.

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Either way is fine but I would say what you are doing is best, manually closing the application then ejecting the disk.

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What you did is the right way to do. If you are in a middle of a game and then just shutdown (use the PlayStation button on the machine) or remove the game disc then there is a chance that you'll mess up the PlayStation OS (Operating System). Usually when that happen then you just reinstall the PlayStation OS by let it go back to default setting like when you for the first time turn on the PlayStation or Reformat your HDD and reinstall the Playstation OS. Its not something that are gonna happens alot so no worries there.

If you install a game on your PlayStation HDD (Hard Drive) from Disc or Download from PlayStation Store then always do what you did on the first post because that way you don't make any file "corruption/damage" so it wouldn't make your game lag or missing for example textures or something like that when you play a game.

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People are scared of everything...

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I do the exact same thing, I press the PS Home button > [Options] Close Application > Remove Disc [Either Manually by the button on the console or "Remove Disc] or sometimes I just leave it in there if I'm going to play it again later on (which is better for the disc, considering the fact that if I contentiously remove and insert it, it'll probably get a slight scratch at some point.)

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some of my friends do only play one game on their consoles (some only play fifa and some only play cod), so they mostly do not eject the game disc for a whole year and the system still works...

as for turning the ps4 off or into sleep mode, if you do not unplug the console from the wall plug, you are safe, even if you press (touch) the power button, the system closes the application (game) you were playing then turns off the console, so everything is pretty much idiotproof, which a common household gadget should be.... :)