PS2 (Slimline) Online - DNAS Error! Help!

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I went out and bought an Ethernet Cable so I could play PS2 online.

I currently own two online compatable games and I am interested in how to work them.

So, I am using Champions of Norrath as an example.

I go into the online gameplay option, create an internet setting and test the connection. So far all is well, the connection test was succesfull so I save and continue on to the game. After it has connected it finds a network and now the DNAS authentication screen pops up. After a while it shows ERROR (-402) A disc information error has occured. I tried configuring my internet settings, it didn't make a difference. I have been looking over the internet all day, only to find out....nothing.

Is anyone else having this problem? Please reply and lets me know, I want to get online as soon as possible! :D

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A lot of games are being pulled offline on the PS2.But you might have a strict router or modem that interfers with the PS2 from connecting..
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Are the servers for Champions of Norrath still up?