Zombie Hunter inc is 6-minutes-long but hooks for months!

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Hi everyone!

I'm Mike from Maya Gameworks. We are developing a top-down shooter called "Zombie Hunter inc" which is a unique cross between Golden Axe and Call of Duty. The game is currently in Alpha stage, but we have already released a complete survival mode for you to enjoy.


Check the trailer:

Zombie Hunter inc is a top-down shooter with a twist: you cannot aim around you (only straight left or straight right), thus you aim only by moving your character. This constraint allows you to aim the head, and accuracy is the staple point of the game.

The game is a spiritual sequel to a popular free game Seal Hunter but we are also very inspired by games like Castle Crashers and Dead Pixels.

Zombie Hunter inc is currently in Alpha stage, but we already built a mechanically and gameplay-vise complete survival mode, supporting up to two players hotseat mode. It only last around 6 minutes, but is very addictive and challenging because there are plenty of strategies to explore and utilize against the zombies.

In survival mode you need to stop waves of zombies from reaching your client. Zombies get tougher and increase in variety with each minute, if any of them reaches the right border – you lose. You get a money reward for each zombie you kill and extra bonuses for making a headshot overkill or multikill. With the money you can buy better guns and your gun choice alongside the skill of using them is the key to withstanding the zombie horde.

Currently Zombie Hunter inc’s arsenal includes 11 main guns and 3 secondary weapons. All the guns have their own advantages and disadvantages. Some guns are better against single targets while others deal heavy damage over a small area. Their advantages are balanced by their price which is more expensive for better guns. The guns also differ in their reload duration and mechanics. You need to manage your reload timings carefully as while you do it you are practically incapacitated and can let zombies slip through.

But this is only the beginning. The game is in early development stage and apart from the survival mode we plan to add a campaign mode where players will fight zombies through streets of Washington, trying to save the US President, locked in the White House. We are inspired by games like Dead Pixels and Castle Crashers and plan to make our campaign mode in a similar fashion. You will play with your friends through a series of levels, rescuing survivals for money and upgrading your gear. We also plan to play with different gameplay mechanics in the campaign. You will drive bikes, fight not just zombies but marauders and bandits with guns by using cover mechanics, run away from a town under bombardment and protect a safe house from zombies by building barricades and traps.

We plan to release the game in the first quarter of 2015 for PC via multiple services including Steam, Desura, IndieGameStand and others, we have not decided on the price yet. Afterwards, we plan to release it on major consoles. We consider making a tablet version, but it is too early to call.

Feel free to comment about the game in this thread or contact me via cubrman@gmail.com



P.S. Her is the Presskit download link.

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Played other games like it and I always get bored. Something like a Diablo (clone) styled Zombie game would be fun if done right.

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@soolkiki: Could you name "other games like it"?

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@cubrman: R-Type

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Yes that's close mechanics-wise but not gameplay-wise. Zombie Hunter has a resource management system on top of the classic shooting mechanics. You can't just aimlessly shoot zombies, you need to deliberately farm money from them by being very precise with your shots/hits. That's the only way to get enough money to afford the guns that can make you survive the latter levels. Do try it, you will be surprised how different this game is.