xbox 360-laptop wifi bridge

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can somebody help me use my laptop as a wireless adapter for my 360....ive checked online and i cant seem to get it to work...whenever i enable ICS i cant make a bridge between my LAN and wireless....can someone help me please....i dont wanna dish out a hundred dollars for the microsoft adapter
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I haven never done this between a laptop and 360, but i have done it with a desktop with a crossover cable. I had to make the bridge, connect the computers together then delete the bridge making sure the wireless had a connection before connecting. It worked after that, but i don't know the level of control on the xbox 360 you have to force it to get an IP address from the laptop.
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Try using this guide.
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Try using this guide.Yankeeman242003
thats what i didnt work as i could not find an IP address
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I'm not familiar with connecting and xbox, but couldn't you just connect a cross-over(ethernet) cable from the xbox's adapter to your router(which would connect to the internet and your pc)? Then the xbox would grab via it's dhcp service its IP?

If you have a bridge(which is different from an adapter) you must set the xbox to the bridges subnet, then log into the bridge in a browser and select the network you want the bridge to connect to. I assume you have a wireless bridge? Yes? That would mean when you log into the bridge you would select the SSID of you network, then blank the IP in xbox(not the bridge) then restart the DHCP service. If the xbox doesn't have a browser, perhaps you need to plug the bridge into your PC, log into the bridge, configure the network, then plug it into the xbox.

Again, I don't know squat about the xbox's networking software so I'm missing the specifics, but I hope I pointed you in the right direction anyway :)

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He wants it wireless, and were talking about a software bridge on the laptop itself between the wireless connection and the hard-wired connection.