Xbox 360 non HDMI audio out

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Hi all, I just set up my secondary xbox upstairs in the bedroom. Its a non HDMI 20gb console and its currently connected to my 32" LCD via component cable. My television has an audio out plug for analog audio and currently I have an old-ish panasonic dvd/surround sound set up. DTV goes through the surround sound without any issues. However, the xbox is just coming through the regular TV speakers when I switch the source. I have tried connecting the xbox to the TV via composite cables instead but that made no difference to the sound. So then I flicked the switch from HDTV to TV on the xbox cable thinking that might make a difference, but didn't. I've tried connecting the rca cables for the surround sound where the RCA cables for the xbox are connected in the tv but then I get no sound. I have scoured google and can't find anything to resolve this issue. Any help or tips would be most appreciated. -M
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Why don't you have it connected directly to the HTiB?

Xbox 360 -> dvd player is how it should be hooked up.

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Sorry forgot to mention I also tried that- still no good. Might just buy a newer entry level surround for the bedroom instead
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You plugged it all into the HTiB or just the audio cables? Was there no sound at all? Did you switch the input on you HTiB if you just plugged in the audio cables and heard no sound?