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I wonder if anyone out there can help me?

 I've just purchased and XBOX360 controller for windows and i can't get it to work.  I have installed the microsoft drivers but the controller doesn't show up in the list of controlers in the control panel.   It does show up in the device manager.  I have downloaded other drivers online and they seem to install ok, but the controller still doesn't show up in the list of controllers through control panel.  I have tried other usb ports but it makes no difference.  I want to use the controller to play GTR 2, the game doesn't detect a controller when i try to set controls.  I know that you can use the controller with GTR 2 because i know others have done so.


This is driving me crazy and im out of ideas.


Thanks in advance. 

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i was thinking if doing the same.
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I think the only game the controller works for is Halo 2:V I read that you can use it but wth would you you have a mouse!!
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wrong...just wait a few is releasing a how to on how to get a 360 controller to work on a pc in a few days and i'll send the link to this forum ASAP.
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Cool, thanks for the heads up!
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I have the wired 360 controller. Works fine on my computer. Some games don't recognize it, but that's what JoyToKey is for. Make sure to install the software first, then plug in the controller. Also, make sure you have the latest version of DirectX - the controller makes use of some common controller API that only comes with DirectX versions from mid last year onwards.
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ok,, is ur controller actually assigned to the wireless receiver,,

u have to disconnect it from ur 360,, and assign it to that thing

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Thanks for all your replies, 

Its not a wireless controller.  I did install the drivers before connecting the device and it still didn't work.  Maybe there is something wrong with the controller?


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The link is above. It is a detailed step by step guide on how to get it work.  

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My guess is that it might be an issue with the controller. Does the 'X' button in the center of the controller light up when you plug it in? I plugged mine into my PC without installing any drivers whatsoever and Windows detected it and automatically downloaded/installed whatever drivers it needed to get up and running. I play NFS: MW on my system with it and that game detected the controller just fine.