X360 wireless controller for Windows disconnecting randomly [SOLVED]

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Hi there. I've tried googling this issue, but i can't seem to find solution for this issue, so i wish someone here could help.

Issue: controller just randomly shuts down, and i have to press the middle button to turn it on again.

Google was able to tell that X360 controller may have problems with the battery connection, but this PC version has batteries connected through springs, so the fix doesn't apply. Weird thing is, i can't replicate the issue by shaking the controller. It only happens when i hold it steady while gaming. Sometimes i can play for hours, sometimes only minutes.

Batteries themself are fresh.

I've had this problem for over a year now, but it just became overwhelming when i started playing Dark Souls...

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it seems i found the problem:

turn off vibration from ingame menu.

i noticed this happened in certain points of the game, and figured it might be the vibration. i might just have a defective controller here. the vibration does work, but apparently sometimes causes the controller to shut down.

i hope this helps someone else, if they ever encounter a similiar problem.