Would this PSU be enough for this card?

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My current setup is: AMD Athlon ii x4 630 2x4G DRR3 1333 GTX 550Ti Antec trio x3 12v rails 16amps each I'm wanting to upgrade to a 6850 or maybe a 6870, I would like to know if my powersupply will be enough, Thanks. Here is product description of the PSU - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817103942
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Hello,before upgrading go with intel cpu's i was with amd and intel owns them :) well its price-pefomance but intel is for GAMING its ment for gaming..so ifu get intel 2500k and this GPU u will have a very good system :) also about that psu it think it handles it

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Why not spend a little more and get a 7850? And yes it should handle those cards just fine or a 7850, if you want a better upgrade.
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save a bit more money up to upgrade your cpu and g card together

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What about a 5870? I'm thinking about buying one for $115, good deal eh? Would it work with my psu?
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Antec trio x3 12v rails 16amps each
Here is product description of the PSU - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817103942davi21a

While each +12v rail is rated at 16amps each, that is an individual maximum. Combined output over the +12v rail is 32amps or roughly 380w. That power supply is an older design and I'm sure you have had it a few years, so I would lower that maximum output slightly. Don't get me wrong, that is a decent PSU and should handle most midrange gaming systems. Also, it only comes with one 6pin pci-e connector which might limit your GPU choices, though there are 4pin adapters out there.

I would be looking at a 7850 if you can afford the $150-$170 for one. It would give you the best performance for what your PSU can handle.

A 5870 is a good card but it also has 2x 6pin pci-e connectors so you would need an adapter for one.
If you can get a 5870 for $120 that would be good as far as price/performance but might be a hassle without an adapter. With a 5870 at that price, you are getting more performance than a 6870 at the price of a 6850. I wouldn't spend the money on a 6870, I would spend a little more to get the 7850.

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just get the 6850..its a great card..also there is no need to upgrade your cpu till you feel the need to. and yes you psu will handle a 6850.