Will pay $10US if you solve my streaming problem!

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Hey, I am willing to pay $10US if someone provides me a solution to this problem: I watch world of warcraft streams daily, and recently my computer shat itself beyond repair,,, I managed to get my hands on my brother's old computer which is far better than my previous one... Upon switching to this new comp... when watching streams they are now consistently pausing (audio and sound) to a degree which makes the stream unwatchable... Since I am using the same internet set up... does anyone know what my problem could be? Any help is greatly appreciated and I have no problem shipping you $$ if you solve this! Thank-you!
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You could try updating Adobe Flash Player, as most videos on the internet use Flash. You can also get Shockwave. http://www.adobe.com/downloads/ There is also the chance that the CPU and/or Video card might not be better than your old computer. Then there are things like browser settings - mainly making sure that Firefox is set to use GPU acceleration, and/or try Google Chrome to watch them. At the same time, perhaps it could randomly be the site you're streaming video from.
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What browser are you using?

Is it up to date?

Is your computer in general up to date (windows update, anti-virus etc)

What are the specs of the PC?