Will DDR3 RAM prices ever drop lower?

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I remember building a computer for my friend in 2011 and the price for 8gb of RAM was around 40-45USD.

Now it is around 75-80USD.

Will the prices ever drop back to what they were before?

I am not sure the release of DDR4 will lower the cost of DDR3.....it might do the opposite.

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I don't think so. Just look at DDR2. It's even more expensive than DDR3. I think that DDR3 is going to go the same way unfortunately.

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In the first few months of DDR4 I wouldn't be surprised if DDR3 became cheap (like what happened with DDR2). I then expect it to go back up in price when nobody wants it anymore.

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@kraken2109: I wasn't in the market when that happened, so take my post with a grain of salt.

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dont think so , i m waiting like you :S

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It'll will probably go down as soon as DDR4 comes out. Then when the demand goes down it will rise and actually end up higher than DDR4.

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Yes they will drop.

I bought 2x1GB 800Mhz DDR2 CL4 for $200.

After 1 year the cost for the same was $100.

After DDR3 release and even before 2 years I could find them for $30.

Just cause DDR3 has lower $/GB ratio this doesn't mean that DDR2 is more expensive than when it was the best type of RAM.

DDR3 prices will go down (cause the cost of manufacturing goes down as well with time) till the memory manufacturers stop producing them.

Then maybe in 3-4 years, when noone will produce DDR3 some stores might ask an arm and a leg for DDR3 sticks....

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Glad I got 16gb for 80$ from Amazon,sold my previous 8gb for 80$ :D

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The cheapest two sticks of 4gb I found was 55USD.

I am tempted to buy them but I wonder if they will drop in price when ddr4 is released soon.

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Extremely unlike Because DDR4 will not Affect DDR3 price since DDR4 is premium module atm for like LGA 2011 Which is Quad Channel DDR4 and Cost alot of money they are used to supply what you call The intel Extreme Series the X99 those 500$ + CPU on 250$ + motherboard to be release soon

Also early speculation claim there will be not any DDR4 for what will Replace Z97 and nothing from AMD that announce DDR4 before 2016 on the Roadmap or Even have a use for it

And as far the reviewer who noticed said even thought the DDR4 tested was at 1.2V and at 2.8Ghz - CPU like i7 4790K even if they ad a motherboard to support it - would see no gain for ur Everyday Task such as Gaming beyond 1.600Mhz it mostly just for the bragging , I also don't know yet if Skylake will really not feature DDR4 for it Regular Line and what use would it have for the average user on that architecture

So don't hold ur Breath about a price drop it ain't gonna happen ,You can probably hope for black friday for some deal i remember around 2 year ago DDR3 for like 2x4B was 47.99$ Without MIR in Canada then it rised slowly to 64.99$ and now it rarely below 79.99$ - if something it seem to me DDR3 price is rising I don't know why maybe someone does