Why sims game is so popular?

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I dont get it Why sims is so popular?.I tried it but i get bored after playing 3 hours.Its just doing the same thing again and again. Please anyone who likes it please give me some tips.
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because it's like tamigotchi only with humans, people live lives through there sims chars. It's also a game that appeals to the female "gamers"
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i would estimate around 80% of gamers are males aged between 10 and 30 - and that particular demographic might make up 15% of any given population (i'm guessing here so gimmie a break if it's off)

and the games we like to play, putting a bullet through that guy's brain, storming that beachead with our soldiers, defending our castle from the holy roman empire... that stuff doesn't appeal to everyone - in fact, it appeals to a very small percentage of people (just a high percentage of gaming's target audience)

the reasons sims games are so popular is that they aren't limited to male younglings, they appeal to two entire genders (because men do like to play them too), and older people like to play them - my 50 year old mother plays the sims, as an example - and that is why they're so popular - because we are 15% of the population

as for the specifics of why other people like them, it's a tycoon game, which people like - it contains social interaction including friendships and relationships that can end up being like your very own soap opera, and it's a thing that you build and grow and nurture, which can be a very appealing and satisfying thing 

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I like it coz of the mods as there tonnes of great mods like the nude chars etc
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Well, people love the idea of creating thier own dream home and lifestyles.  Why were SimCity games so popular?  Because they allowed you to make your own city, instead of just being apart of one.

Also, the Sims games are probibly the most popular games that females play, which is a kind of "untapped" market (after all, there ARE more females on earth than males last I heard)

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I like it coz of the mods as there tonnes of great mods like the nude chars etcgamesblaster


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I like it coz of the mods as there tonnes of great mods like the nude chars etcgamesblaster


Lots of truth in this statement, wisdom comes from base reactions not from eurdic philosophies.

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I tried it once, it was like watching grass grow.
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I actually enjoyed designing houses with the simple interface.  Throw in some crazy characters, get bored and build more houses.  I found it was a good tool to excersise the imagination.  For those that mentioned it was boring...if you try and play it as an alternate(realistic) life...then yes, it is boring.
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If you play it like real life it's boring.  Get up, go to work, come home, eat, try to socialize, go to bed, repeat.

Now, create a sorority house with a half a dozen hotties.  Throw up a double-wide trailer family where the wife works and the husband stays at home gettin' his groove on with the hotties from next door and makes their kid sleep in the back yard.  Put an orphanage with about a dozen kids in it  all sleeping in one upstairs bedroom and have one of the hotties try grilling some food over by the wooden staircase and watch the fun ensue!

....my wife doesn't let me play this anymore...

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My mum, sister, and sister in law play this game.
Females want to make the 'perfect family' and the 'perfect home'