Why MMORPG games become far away from us?

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I don’t know if there still having someone remember Azeroth? Or still have someone will go back Azeroth after WOW open the Classic Servers? From the first time I play games until now, many famous games dead after a while. Although, we can’t say games like RTS or MMORPG are all dead. But compare before, the MMORPG age is really gone

Maybe for most players, that they think all types of game such as RTS, FPS, RPG, MOBA, and Roguelike should be the same level. I didn’t realize before, until my friends told me each type of game will have their own popular periodic law. Just like FPS game, they are not very popular before maybe ten years ago. But currently, players begin to pay more attention on these games, such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Rainbow Six. However, some types of game such as RTS and MMO, does they will reborn in the future? In other words, maybe now is their peak time of all cycle.

MMORPG games always need players put their lots of time and energy into the game. So when there have a game with more interesting and make people feel more relaxed, the decline of MMORPG games will be inevitable. But it doesn’t mean there has no space in the game market for MMORPG games, maybe MMORPG games should consider about to cut down the complicated process and reduce the necessarily operation. It will be more popular if they can do that. For mobile games, except WOW style games such as Land of Glory. I figure out there still have some more games contains with eastern elements, such as Novoland the castle in the sky. These games will improve the MMORPG into a better place, but I still feel sadness for the old type of games.

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I'm really looking forward to WoW Classic. Especially right now, I realize I'm getting older and won't have the time to really dedicate to an MMO like that forever, so I want to do it while I'm still able. It also comes at a good time since I've been down about some other things in my life, and kind of want the distraction of a time-consuming video game that I can play with friends.

I think the reason why MMOs are dropping in popularity is:

1) The genre has become stagnant. WoW achieved great success but in the process also kind of stopped the industry from doing anything different. You can only have so many successful MMOs at a time since they require a constant player base. And...

2) Most of the people who grew up with MMOs, the MMO generation, are getting older. A lot of younger people aren't as interested in those kinds of games I'm guessing, probably in part because there aren't a lot of ongoing games to choose from, and many of them have become streamlined for more casual play. This defeats the purpose of an online game a bit.

The game industry, for as predictable as it is to figure that sequels to big-name IPs will continue to sell well, is actually quite unpredictable for figuring on which gaming trends will emerge as the popular ones for coming years. It's anyone's best guess whether or not MMOs will see a resurgence.