Which Laptop Should I Go With?

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Hey i cant really decide which laptop i should go with i want to do some minor gaming and recording (to a external harddrive with dxtory) and a little bit of editing. I know the i7 is  a beast cpu but the 640 doesnt seem like it could match up to the 7660G and the 7670M in the other computer. Any and all advice would be helpful :) thanks for your time.




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No, not these. For this price you can get much more, like Radeon 7730M or GT 640M/645M.


Please take a look in this list of gaming laptops under 800$. For laptops with 1080p screen, I recommend the Asus N56DP or Inspiron 15R SE. For lower than 700$ you have several option, depends on what you are looking for - the M5-581TG is more of an ultrabook with a very good battery performance and GT 640M LE GPU

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HP company with i7 processor .

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