Which Laptop best for gaming please help :)

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Hey guys,, i have been looking and reading the last 2 days all over the internet for finding out what to do,

i just wanna tell you a little about my situation before i start..

I have a macbook pro mid 2012 13" , i then just got the Call of duty ghost and i was founding out my mac is not able to run it because of the RAM and the graphic card, so in the start i was wondering if i just should upgrade it, but i kind of ran away from that idea cause it just seems easyier to buy a new laptop…. My problem and question is now that i have read and searched the last 2 days non stop on the internet cause i am a true rookie to computers and i am really bad to it , and i don't have any knowledge about it at all, and everybody online have some kind of opinion for what is the best gaming pc, so i had just made this profile for hope for you guys help and expertise…

Im a boy that travels a lot so i need it to be a laptop even i know that they're expensive gamer computers.. i also want the computer to run smoothly and run all the games i wanna, also in the future, i have a link on a alienware and a macbook pro i have thought about buying for my new laptop, but as i was saying i don't have a clue, so i was really hoping you guys could help me ..

Here is the link for the alienware the one that i thought about was the one for 1.799$. http://www.dell.com/us/p/alienware-17/pd.aspx

Here is the link for the macbook pro : http://www.dba.dk/macbook-pro-15-retina-27/id-1004637238/

i do know that the mac in this link is used but its the same one i was thinking about just from new, i know its not on english but i couldn't find one with same specs on english so hope you can read the specs in it anyway..

The big question for a million is now, Guys… Which laptop is the freaking best for gaming and normal use and which one will you guys have chosen if you was making the choice…… I also have in my mind that the macbook is a lot thinner and do not weight the same as the alienware does,,,, but i really need your help on this one guys.. Thanks for your time :)!

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@marckv23 said:

You can't have a light laptop that does high end gaming, it doesn't exist yet.

Saying that, I wouldn't buy the Macbook Pro or the Alienware, they are BOTH over expensive machines.

Look at ASUS's range of gaming laptops. They are good and better price:


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I wouldn't really game on a laptop, but if I were to buy a laptop for gaming I would buy an ASUS ROG.

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well i know that laptops is bad for gaming but I'm traveling a lot so don't have the opportunity for getting a pc..

And 4# i did try google a lot but many different opinions and no one to ask, so i tried this forum :)

And i have been told that build your own is the best. is that true or what do you think ? or do you have one really good one from asus you can link me ? :) remember guys i am totally green about computers so when i go in on webshops i don't know what specs i need to look for at all :s

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you cant build a laptop yourself sadly.

do shop around. apple and alienware are very expensive. for high end gaming though you are probably looking at the guts of 2000 dollars/euros.

whatever laptop your are looking for i would recommend it have the following.

CPU: at least an intel i7 4700MQ. this has 4 physical and 8 logical cores. should deal well with any games on the horizon. higher is always nice of course but not really necessary.

GPU: geforce 780M. a GPU in a laptop can not be upgraded later so dont skimp on this. SLI (2 graphics chips working together for better performance) is possible but personally i m not a fan of the tech. too reliant on drivers. in a laptop its also going to generate more heat i would imagine. still if you have the money and want to try it the option is there.

ram: 4GB absolute minimum. 8 ideally and 16 if you have a bit of money to burn. ram can be upgraded at a later date in a laptop if needed.

also check the cooling for any laptop you are looking at. i saw one high end laptop where the vent would be blocked by the screen when the laptop was in use for example. absolutely stupid design. so make sure whatever laptop yo are looking at has good cooling and that the vents are not blocked by silly design.

any high end laptop is also going to be big, heavy and bulky. frankly i would be worried if they were not. nothing can be done about that. carrying it around will be good exercise though :P.

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For me PC gaming on a laptop comes down to one of two things. You are okay with not playing everything at Maximum Settings and 1080p or you want to do just that.

If you are like me and couldn't really give a crap about the graphics as such and just want to play the games then a laptop anywhere from £500 - £1000 should be fine. My laptop has a 3.3GHz i7, a 640M, 8GB DDR3, standard 1TB hard-drive and it can play most games I've shown it at 720p, max settings and 30fps. I payed £800 for it I think.

The only exception was Witcher 2 in the woods in Flotsam and during the prologue. But turning crap settings like motion blur and SSAO, that kill performance without all that much change in visuals, totally off it made the game adequate to run with everything else except Ubersampling on max and at 720p like I said.

If you want to play everything at the absolute maximum possible you will be needing something special. You will pay more for something like an Alienware due to the label and you will have to put up with Dell since they own it now. But you could go for an alternate brand which won't cost you a rediculous price simply for the name but you will still be throwing down a lot for performance which will be by default lower than that on a desktop. Even the best mobile GPUs have slower clock speeds than their desktop counterparts.

I would personally go for an i7 as minimum and then go online and have a look at some videos of people running games on certain GPUs and see which you think is worth the money to buy.

I love my laptop. Literally awesome. I can play games on it and do my work and I don't need to fill my house with ugly PC towers and monitors. When I'm done I just fold it up and leave it on my desk.

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Lenovo Ideapad Y 510p

Lenovo Ideapad Y510p 850 dollars Use coupon Y510PHOLIDAY

I5 4200M, 6gb ram, 2 GTX 750M SLI. Best Laptop I could find for price and performance.

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@jedikevin20 said:

Lenovo Ideapad Y 510p

Lenovo Ideapad Y510p 850 dollars Use coupon Y510PHOLIDAY

I5 4200M, 6gb ram, 2 GTX 750M SLI. Best Laptop I could find for price and performance.

i have the model above that. i paid $1000 for it in august and got a 3 year warranty. mine has 8gb of ram and i7 in it. It runs games really well. i have batman and borderlands running at max settings, looks better than consoles for sure. everything about the laptop is perfect for me. it weighs about 8ish pounds which can be a negative for some people. no problems with it thus far.