Which games can I run?

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I have a PC with 2.66GHz Core 2 Duo CPU, 8GB ram and a GT 610 GPU. So which low end games can I run?

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If you have to ask which games you can run, it is time to buy a new PC.

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#3 Posted by MonsieurX (39054 posts) -

Anything around the year 2000 ±5 years

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Undertale my dude!

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Civ 3, Age of empires 3, Call of duty 2 (Not sure about modern warfare 2 and certainly not WWII), Rise and Fall, civilizations at war, Hearts of Iron 2, Sim city 4, deluex edition, Halo, combat evolved, Spore, Medieval 2, total war, Farming simulator 2013, Euro-truck simulator, Flatout, GTA San Andres, Star wars battlefront II (2005), (The one from 2005, not the more recent one!) Portal, Tradewinds, Spectra-ball, Super meat boy, VVVVVV.

You also might be able to run War Thunder at minimum or very low settings, which is a game I'd highly recommend if you're PC can handle it. Especially since it is free to play.

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Swap the gt610 for a gtx750ti and you'll be able to run a lot of new games.