Where do you get legal copies of windows for cheaper ?

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I made a thread that's on the first page asking about which combo is better and the situation is killing me (R9 290 is 15% faster than 4GB gtx 770 but I would be stuck with a weaker processor).

I might be able to get the i5 with the R9 290 if I can get windows for cheap. I have an installation disk for windows Ultimate (its not an OEM, im pretty sure its a full version) and I also have a copy of windows 7 home premium OEM.

Could I somehow use those disk to install windows and then buy a legal windows key for cheap ?

Theres are the two boxes/dsk that I currenty have in my possessionn

Ultimate: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Windows-7-Ultimate-/291019987824?pt=US_Operating_Systems_Software&hash=item43c2249b70

Windows 7 OEM http://www.ebay.com/itm/Microsoft-Windows-7-Home-Premium-OEM-1957946-/190966950744?pt=US_Operating_Systems_Software&hash=item2c76846b58

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OEM wont work. The ultimate should work if you format your old installation. Some say it doesnt but calling microsoft helps and they reactivate the key.

Installing from the disc and using an already used key will work.

If you are a student, there may be a possibility of getting a copy for free or really cheap. I got all of my Microsoft software trough my university for free. Info.

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The windows Ultimate disk is currently installed on my computer along with the key that came with it (this build is for a friend so im keeping my key).

Are you saying that I can install my ultimate disk on his computer and type/use my current key on his computer ? If not can I still use my installation disk on his computer and just buy an ultimate key for cheap ?

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You will be able to install windows with the key but once the other computer goes online, it will not be able to validate the key so you'll have to enter a new one. 2 PC's with the same copy wont work.

Basically, yes you can install with your own DVD and buy a cheap unused key somewhere to activate it (but it must be an ultimate key and non OEM).

If the OEM copy is unused, you can install it with that DVD and use the key it came with.

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How do I know which product keys are legit ? They all look sketch like this website http://www.sheridanmudtrack.com/Windows-7-Key/Microsoft-Windows-7-Ultimate-Product-Key.html

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if you are a student, you can get windows 8.1 pro for 70 dollars. that is the cheapest you are going to find it.

i wish they had a deal like they did for Win7. i got it for 20 dollars the first week it was out.

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£44.99($72) on ebay for windows 8.1 the cheapest on the site at the moment as far as i can see


The same price as i bought mine for also off ebay....you are emailed a download link to a microsoft server to get the Disk image then also emailed the key

Most are legit, they are just small time resellers and have been doing it for years.

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Just get it from Dreamspark if you're a student...

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@8-Bitterness said:

Just get it from Dreamspark if you're a student...

its not available on dreamspark... only windows server 2012.

well... unless you are a dreamspark premium user....

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Find a student. Many universities have dreamspark premium