What's your favorite PC MP game of all time?

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Mine has to be Battlefield 2 I love the gameplay the maps and weapons it was pretty close to perfection minus the nade spam and dolphin diving.

That music that nostalgia sooo good.

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Rust for me, only online multiplayer ive played for long time and not gotten bored.

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not sure I can choose just one but here are some favorites:

World in Conflict

Team Fortress 2

Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm

Dayz (original mod and some of the variations on it)

Battlefield 2/Bad Company 2

Company of Heroes 2

Dawn of War 2

Trackmania Stadium/2

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quake rocket arena or counter strike, pretty close

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#5 Posted by PredatorRules (12281 posts) -

CS 1.6, Halo, Fear Combat, MW2

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#6 Posted by couly (6241 posts) -

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. I played it every day for 3 years straight.

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Got a lot of mileage out of the Valve stuff, namely Team Fortress Classic (my first MP game), Counterstrike (my second MP game lol), Counterstrike Source, and Team Fortress 2.

The Battlefield series from BF2 onward have also been good time sinks.

Oh and WoW is probably the game I played the most hours-wise and duration-wise (as in from 2004 to now, basically. Though the last few years has been very off and on).

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@PredatorRules said:

CS 1.6, Halo, Fear Combat, MW2

Nice! I still play it off and on it's pretty fun and nostalgic.

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#9 Posted by PfizersaurusRex (1185 posts) -

Blacklight: Retribution. But not today's ruined game, but the good old Blacklight, with its community.

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Hard to say. Could probably say I played Counterstrike the most but this is going back to 1.3 and I haven't really played it in a couple of years.

Battlefield 2 would probably be the next contender. Played that game so much back in its day despite having a bit of a love/hate relationship with it. Would probably still be playing it if the servers were still up.

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BF 1942 for me. That game just blew me away when it came out. I had never experienced anything like it. So many fond memories. Obviously it doesn't hold up by today's standards, but it laid the foundation for the BF series and influenced MP gaming in a big way. BF2 is probably the most complete and overall best BF game though.

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@warmblur: At the time...yes. bf2 was the dogs dangles, but it was outdone by BF4 for me. Those helicopters....loved them.

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It was BF1942 Desert Combat mod back in the day.

Unreal Tournament as well.

Now it's probably 7 Days To Die or Factorio.

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Nice! I still play it off and on it's pretty fun and nostalgic. https://audacity.onl/ https://findmyiphone.onl/ https://origin.onl/

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Battlefield 1942. I remember I was alone on foot near a desert outpost, and an enemy plane spotted me. As it committed to its dive, I ran to a jeep and jumped on the machine gun. There's nothing like taking out a plane as it flies right at you, and you stand in its crosshair.

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Doom 2 hands down. Race cars with shotguns basically lol. I still dive in sometimes.

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Oh , i also love BF2 it's such cool game as a Medal of Honor or Call of Duty Modern Warfare.It's really cool but it's pity that the game servers were closed.

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@pyro1245 said:

It was BF1942 Desert Combat mod back in the day.

Unreal Tournament as well.

Now it's probably 7 Days To Die or Factorio.

The mods for 1942 were so good. Probably played Desert Combat more than the 1942 itself. The Star Wars mod, Galactic Conquest was really good too and that pirates mod.

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#19 Posted by johnd13 (9491 posts) -

Left 4 Dead 2 and PUBG. I've put more than 500 hours into each of them.