What's wrong with my PC?

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So the other day I decided to bring down my old PC from the loft, it's been covered and kept dry.

Turning it on it makes one long drawn out beep, then after around 5-6 seconds if does it again. It repeats making this single beep until I turn it off. It's always worked until now but I thought that maybe some dust had gotten into the RAM section maybe?

Any help would be much appreciated

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You might be able to look up the beep code via the motherboard support page or manual.

If you can't find it, taking things apart and putting them back together can help if anything came loose during the move.

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Sounds like a motherboard to me.

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reinsert the ram to make sure its fully seated, sounds like the motherboard however I would also check the power supply to make sure it's providing the correct power ….Ive seen more problems with power supplies in old computers than any other part

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@dragonps: Unplug it from the wall, then take out your cmos battery, then hold the power button for 10 seconds and then put it back in and power it on.

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Thank you all so much for your replies, I'm going to try each method and let you know what it was.

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Could be ....

Ram related, make sure it's seated properly.

PSU - not giving enough power, or not giving piwer in a stable way.

Dust - sometimes cleaning out dust can solve issues like this, get a can of compressed air and get rid of dust.

GPU - again check seated correctly and power connectors are plugged all the way in, this happend to me tonight on my old Betsy build (a q6600 and hd 7770) turned out the 6pin connector wasnt clicked into place on the 7770.

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Any luck? The beep profile is actually a coffee that tells you a bit about the problem. So if you look up your mobo you might save some trial and error