What was your first game you ever bought on Steam?

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#51 Posted by Monkey_Seeker (53 posts) -

The first game I bought on steam was Mass Effect back in 2010. I even remember why, it was 2am and I'd just finished Mass Effect 2 and liked it so much I wanted to play through it again but decided I wanted to play ME1 first as I'd read about the save transfer feature, so I joined Steam and bought it on there.

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#55 Posted by Realmjumper (717 posts) -

The Orange Box was my first purchase. Valve should create The Orange Box 2 haha.

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and then fortnite and forza horizon

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#58 Posted by PimpHand_Gamer (2855 posts) -

Mafia 2

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#59 Posted by adrianrowland (7 posts) -

Resident evil 5/borderlands

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#60 Posted by Ketenks (7 posts) -

My first game I downloaded on steam was Warface I think. But maybe it was, um, Rift or....hmm...possibly some other game. I don't know.

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#61 Posted by loujniki (11 posts) -

it was GTA

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#62 Posted by Mickeyminime (1437 posts) -

The first physical game i had which required me to register to Steam would be Empire Total War.

My first actual digital game i bought on the Steam Store would be Homeworld Remastered sometime after it was released. Ever since then i have near enough 300 games that are digital purchases only.

I never liked steam back in the early days and refused to buy anything on it. Over time, i saw the sales and when it came to Homeworld which i used to enjoy when i was young, i decided to buy it, not to mention, shops these days don't have many physical games anymore, it's more console than anything that shops tend to sell. I remember when my local shops had a huge selection of PC games, but this was when the shops still sold PS2 games during the early/mid PS3 years.

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#63 Posted by mirautaj (360 posts) -

Half-Life 2 Silver

7 Oct, 2004