What's your favorite PC game or game series of all time?

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Even for me that's a tough one to answer being that there are so many games and game series to pick from, but atleast for me it really isn't as hard to pick being that I play games on consoles as well.

I was able to pick two game series that I really like and are my favorite, and those are the three S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games and the Half Life games. If I had to pick just one game only out of those two game series then that is really hard to choose, and I really can't pick just one.

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Well, I love Counter-Strike and Doom a whole lot, I don't know if they count but The Elder Scrolls games are also pretty cool.

My favorite game & franchise is Bad Rats.

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Such a shame STALKER 2 will most likely never see the light of day.

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Well, I am guessing that you like the Half Life games. That is since you posted a very large lambda (λ) symbol.

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Kerbal Space Program and Super Hexagon.

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@ghstbstr: I would have thought that from the name he likes DOOM.

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Yes that is a shame as it was looking good to from some of the screenshots.

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Max Payne is probably my favorite series.

Half Life is pretty sweet too....

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I used to like Simcity series the best, but since The Sims 2 added a lot of neighbourhood customization, I like that series more. In the Sims 3 you can even build the entire landmass from scratch.

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Neverwinter Nights and its expansions, amazing game, had tons of fun playing user made stories with friends. Also loads of mods, I dont think Ive seen a game since then build a community like the one Neverwinter had back in the day. Makes me feel old thinking about it though lol. Too bad Obsidian dropped the ball with NWN2, heard Mask of theBetrayer was good, so I need to play that eventually.

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Dark Souls . So ready for part 2

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Most favorite game or series; Hard one, Can't decide but i'll go with all of them: If you've asked me other question like what is your favorite theme in games I'd say lightning fast: Post Apocalyptic

Favorite Post apocaliptic games: Fallout 3 GOTY, STALKER SoC, Metro 2033, Hard Truck Apocalypse

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Mafia as an individual game, otherwise the Stalker and Half-Life series

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Can't really name any one or three particular games/franchises that I love beyond all others. I divide generally them into "awesome", "decent" and "fail" and the first category is pretty big.

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Mafia series
Crysis series
Borderlands series
Counter Strike GO
Just recently started Far Cry 3 and am loving it so far!

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has to be the elder scrolls series, even though im not as enthusiastic about the series anymore because of the dumbing down, and npc`s with less and less personality.

I also really enjoy the mass effect and crysis series.

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My Favorite PC games is Black man 2.

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I'm a huge fan of old school RPGs, but I'm unsure it will pick anyone's interest haha.

Otherwise I think games like Limbo, Fez and Journey were splendid.

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MS Flight Simulator. It's been with me since my first one from the 80's to FSX.

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My favorite PC game of all time is Everquest 1. My favorite PC game series of all time is Dark Forces/Jedi Knight.

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Whoa, wait a minute, I've wasted way to many minutes of my life playing Oblivion and Skyrim to forget mentioning about them lol

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Half-Life & The Witcher

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Civilization Series

Simcity series from 1990s to 2000.

Ultima Series

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Morrowind without a doubt.

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Elder Scrolls for RPGs and Total War series for strategy. :)

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Grand Theft Auto, obviously

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Command & Conquer series,

Elder Scrolls


Legacy of Kain

Half Life



Mortal Kombat





D&D's elite pack (Baldurs Gate , Planescape Torment,....)


played ALMOST every produced game in last 20 years. So basicaly thats that.

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Sim City


Need for Speed



Age of Empire (including AoM)

Far Cry

Nothing special. I didn't love every single game in the series, but at least about half of them I did.

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Game- Skyrim

Series- Warcraft

Honorable mentions for games- TW2, State of Decay, HL2 + Episodes, The Wolf Among Us, Starbound, Warcraft 3 + TfT, Starcraft 2 WoL + HotS, Morrowind, Metro Last Light, FF14 ARR, WoW, Hotline Miami, Shadow Warrior, Shadowrun Returns, Rome Total War

Honorable mentions for series- Starcraft, The Elder Scrolls, Half Life, The Witcher, Warhammer/DoW

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Any RPG produced by Black Isle was usually good, most notably the Fallout and Baldur's Gate series. Obsolete now but great memories.

Elder Scrolls series.

Wing Commander Series if I'm allowed to get nostalgic. The genre has since disappeared.

Half Life series.

Any 4X that was well done. (Civ series, but there were some other good ones)

The Sim City and Sims franchises. Both series have lost my interest but I spent a lot of time on them, and had a lot of fun with them.

Total War Series.

StarCraft, although SC2 failed to recapture the magic for me.

Nethack- a silly but ridiculously fun freeware game the my friends and I wasted way too many hours on, back in the day.

Probably many more that are slipping my mind. I've been playing PC games since the PC was invented. Some of the old school stuff wouldn't play well today, but they were awesome in their time. (Wizardry, Ultima, Bards Tale, et. al.)

I think I'm feeling nostalgic because it's Christmas.