What programs do you protect your PC with?

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#102 Posted by Johnny_Rock (40231 posts) -

Intelligence. Be careful where you go to on the internet. Be careful what you open in your mail. Never click a link in an email. I have Windows defender, Windows Firewall and never have a problem. Just say no to porn sites and torrents.

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#103 Posted by Feleciagomez (9 posts) -

Spyshelter + ESET

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#104 Posted by TryIt (13157 posts) -


whatever I can find made any a Russian company of course!

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#105 Posted by kwuiz (6 posts) -


But really, when I did use Windows I wouldn’t use an anti virus, like another user said just don’t click dodgy links. And maybe once a month or once every other month I’d download some program and run a full scan.

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#106 Posted by Storm_Angelfish (12 posts) -

I use NordVPN and it's more than enough for me. I think my persona is not that important for hackers, but it's nice to feel safe, you know. Also, it has cool feature - CyberSec, so it's like an adblocker, so there is no need to purchase additional one. Anyone else uses VPN?

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#107 Posted by attirex (1641 posts) -

I never use my gaming PC to browse the Webs (I have a Mac for that--or as the kids write--MAC). Problem solved.

And, yes, good for me, and my story is cool, bro, and I do want a cookie, and no, you can't fck my sister.

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#108 Posted by Storm_Angelfish (12 posts) -

So, maybe for those who are interestend in buying a VPN - big discount is here. They are cheaper now, so I think it good to try something and pay less. I really hope, that it will be helpful for someone.

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#109 Edited by WESTBLADE (539 posts) -

- Avast Free (SIlent Mode FTW)

- Ublock Origin

- Keeping system, vulnerable apps and web browser (Chrome) up-to-date by checking manually every day

- Don't do cracks/keygen/patcher kinda shit

- Windows Firewall Control (by Malwarebytes)