What other games would you love to see ported to PC?

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Killer is Dead recently got a PC port a good while after its console release which just made me want to see Lollipop Chainsaw and Killer 8 come out for PC even more with achievements and such for Steam.

What's some games you would love to see ported to PC?

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Nothing atm really..

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I would love to see Bayonetta on PC.

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@Chatch09 said:

Metal Gear Solid complete collection

Hell yeah this!

But at the very least Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes, and Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain!

I would like to add the entire Halo franchise built with the option of LAN, or at least online Co-op through the campaigns.

Those are the main ones for me, though I would also like Zelda on pc.

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I'd like GTA5 ported to pc, i really dislike console gta games due to their framerates.

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The Fight Night series, thats about it.

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Heavenly Sword and Red Dead Redemption

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Wii u exclusives

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I'd like to see Lollipop Chainsaw myself. I want to get it, but I can't stand playing on a console anymore =/

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Forza/Gran Turismo

Red Dead Redemption



Super Smash Bros

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@Chatch09: Well, if MGS:GZ and MGS:5 come to pc, then we will prolly skip both the Xboxone, and the PS4. We are building our new rigs soon, prolly on the I7 5820k platform. so being able to not worry with ps4/xboxone would be nice. We don't have as much time for all the games we are interested in to get around to, have to be much more particular these days.

We are interested in a WiiU for Zelda, Mario, and the backlog of nintendo games. (btw I need to check the WiiU virtual console game list, I haven't checked in many months)

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Nariko was so sexy......am I right?!?

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@Chatch09: I was born mid 80s too, Nintendo was a large part of my life as a child. So I can feel ya there.

Honestly, Halo, and MGS are the only ones really bothering me about the other two consoles. But if at least MGS:GZ and MGSV come to pc I would be happy. Don't me wrong there are still exclusives for both the HD twin consoles that I am interested in besides those, but those 2 are the ones that are the most important for each.

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The halos. I dont get it why one and two and then nothing. I would like to see the old lord of the rings hack n slash games for the pc as well. They were on the ps2 and it was the two towers and return of the king. The gears of war games might not be to bad I have one for the pc and it was fun.

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@klunt_bumskrint: hnnnng yes ;)

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Nintendo exclusives really such as Mario games

Aside that, Red Dead Redemption - most people would agree with me on this one.

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I want Final Fantasy IV to be released on steam, basically the DS like they have done with III.

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Forza series!

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Bayonetta and Vanquish. Would love to see them running smooth as silk and crisp on PC. Especially the latter since Bayonetta can cap out at 60 fps on console..

Valkyria Chonicles. Since it's a Strategy game at its core that's inspired by WW2 themes and scenarios we're familiar with on PC, It didnt really do well on consoles as the franchise retracted to handheld and with the final installment not even making it to the West. But I think Sega -- knowing their history of Strategy game releases -- can carve a space for the franchise and even expand it with spinoffs with the aid of Relic and Creative Assembly. Pretty sure there are plenty of people here that would enjoy it and it can work so well with KB/M.

Ace Combat 6. It's an older game, but a great one. Flight games are just fitting for PC.

It would be awesome if some form of Forza came to the PC. Simply for the plethora of licensed premium modeled cars and tracks available. Would have alot of fun with making designs and skins too.

Catherine. It's an odd puzzle game. But puzzle games and odd stuff just fits on PC, i think.

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@Chatch09 said:

@klunt_bumskrint said:

Heavenly Sword and Red Dead Redemption

Ooooh yeah! I completely forgot about Heavenly Sword, such an awesome game. I really hoped they would make a 2nd but Nariko dies at the end soo....


Enslaved is on PC if you're looking for something similar.

Same developer. Attactive female protagonist.

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gundam breaker

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The Last of Us and other Naughty Dog games.

Metal Gear Solid


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@jeager_titan said:

Sony and nintendo(zelda) exclusives.

This. I'd love to play Killzone, Uncharted, and Demon's Souls, but can't cause they are on the PS consoles. Too bad PC ports of them will never happen.

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Red Dead Redemption. Not sure why they didn't bring this title to PC, I could foresee it selling a LOT of copies. Why put all that work into a game and then ignore exploiting its potential sales? It's almost up there with GTA, they're insane for not porting it. I assume during the development process they made some decisions that would make it extra difficult to bring to PC down the road, otherwise it makes no sense to me.

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Played through both the YS games on steam, enjoyed the **** out of them,

More of that please.

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Does anyone think that they would take the time to make these games look better? Or do you think they would just do a quick and dirty straight port to the PC if they thought the cash was there. I'm curious?

to answer the question from the OP: I think the exclusive libraries of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo on the PC would be some great love.

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Scalebound and Bloodborne.