What is circumaural and supraaural?

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Im just curious cuz I am planning on buying some headphones, and Sennheiser has these two types. Just want to know what the difference is.

Also, while youre here, any suggestions?

My main concern is durability, then audio quality following a close second. I always seem to break all my headphones. Also, I have a big head.

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oh my price range is about 70 dollars
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I had no idea to be honest. But I did go to google and type "define circumaural" and then the other one. Found tons of info on what it was. You might want to check it out.
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Circum- around. Supra- means above. Aural mean pertaining to hearing or the ear. So.. Circumaural are the big comfy ones that cover your entire ear. These are generally better quality and produce better sound. Any 5.1 headset I've seen is circumaural. Supraaural are the ones where the pad sits on top of the ear. These include the wrap around ones and the kind of dinky ones you used to get with a walkman or portable CD player. Personally, I don't like giant headsets so I use the wrap arounds. For the price of a decent circumaural set, I can get 2 or 3 sets of wraparounds.
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supra-aurals tend to be open 'sit-on-your-ear' types like most Grado headphones, circumaural tends to be huge cups that cover your ears completely. IIRC supraaural will have slightly better sound quality, but you can hear what else is going on in the room and vice versa? i might be wrong there.
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sweet, thanks a bunch. I think circumaural is what I want.