What graphics card would be a step above what I've got?

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I've got the nVidia GE Force 8800GT right now and I just upgraded my CPU to an i7 3.5 Ghz and I upgraded my RAM to 16 GB. I'm toying with the idea of maybe putting in a little better graphics card but I don't know what is a step above mine.

So can you post some suggestions and I'm not planning on spending $499.00 on it.

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AMD RX580 or Nvidia 1060/1660 would be gigantic upgrades and perfect if you want to play at 1080p.

1440p something like a Nvidia 2060, AMD 5700, or AMD Vega 56/64

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What generation of i7 do you have? The GeForce 8800GT must have been pretty old.

A high end modern GPU would be a bottleneck if its put with an older generation i7.

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The amd 5700 XT is bit higher than 2060 super and around or bit lower to 2070 super level but is cheaper. Can do 1440p comfortably and can last you for years on 1080p

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I just put in my i7. Device Manager says it's a i7-3770k. My graphics card is much older than my processor.

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The most GPU you should buy for that system is a GTX 1660Ti. That will be good 1080p/60fps gaming right there.

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An AMD RX 580 would be a good choice. You can grab one for $180 LINK

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1070ti or 2060 super should be fine for 1080p gaming

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RX 570 on a budget or a 1660

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@04dcarraher said:

An AMD RX 580 would be a good choice. You can grab one for $180 LINK

I second this, I have an RX 580 in my system and it's an excellent performer at 1080p