What games can i run?

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Just reset my computer and need some decent games, suggestions?


Processor: AMD E2-7110 APU

Graphics: 1gb AMD Radeon R2 Graphics

Ram: 6gb (5.73 usable)

Os- Windows 7 pro/Linux Ubuntu 18.2

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#2 Posted by MonsieurX (38100 posts) -

Super old games.

Check out www.gog.com

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Computer spec isn't great, like the guys above said, you want to go for older games which are less demanding.

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#5 Posted by Cyrill (5 posts) -

Try warframe, great game that has low rqueriments

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@cyrill said:

Try warframe, great game that has low rqueriments

Doesn't matter, his PC can't run it.

You'll be fine with old games, definitely suggest Total Annihilation. Spent hours upon hours on that game.

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#7 Posted by LollipopofFury (11 posts) -

If you like old RPG-s - try Daggerfall or Morrowind.

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#8 Posted by MasterHand (20 posts) -

Your laptop can run old but great games:

GTA San Andreas (masterpiece)

Doom 3

Diablo 2 (highly recommended, hours of fun guaranteed)

Tomb Raider Anniversary or Tomb Raider Legend

Age of Empires II or III (Highly recommended too)

Half Life 2

Metal Gear Solid 2

Elders Scrolls Morrowind (a lot of people say that is the best Elder Scrolls Game of the Saga)


Need for Speed

And finally, one of the best shooters (better than Doom):


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#9 Posted by MonsieurX (38100 posts) -

Necro'd thread

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With this system you can run games like:

Batman arkham city

Batman arkham origin

Mafia 2

Assassin creed 1 and 2 even at high graphics

Assassin creed 3 on low graphics 720p with little lag

Max Payne 3

Capcom vs marvel 3

Just cause 2

Far cry 3

Ninja turtle out of shadows

Resident evil 6

PES 2017

And many more

I have played all this game with that specification except that mine is 4g RAM, 512mb vram

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You would even play all the devil may cry games , castlevania games without any problem

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Not super old games like diablo 2, GTA San Andreas , that I run in my super old year '2001' Pentium 3 desktop computer for Christ sake ,to whoever said is for superold games

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Arma 2 and Diablo 3 and starcraft 2

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probably not that much

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@prototype224: Age of empires.

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Here is agood webbie to go on without deleting any of ur games/pictures

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good question my dude, just look up the requirements for the games and check if you can run it im guessing-

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That's a pretty crappy computer you've got there :O

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This thread should be locked already

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I don't know maybe League Of Legends lol

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not that much

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Early 2000s game maybe