What games can i run?

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#1 Posted by Prototype224 (5 posts) -

Just reset my computer and need some decent games, suggestions?


Processor: AMD E2-7110 APU

Graphics: 1gb AMD Radeon R2 Graphics

Ram: 6gb (5.73 usable)

Os- Windows 7 pro/Linux Ubuntu 18.2

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#2 Posted by MonsieurX (37258 posts) -

Super old games.

Check out www.gog.com

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Computer spec isn't great, like the guys above said, you want to go for older games which are less demanding.

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#5 Posted by Cyrill (5 posts) -

Try warframe, great game that has low rqueriments

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@cyrill said:

Try warframe, great game that has low rqueriments

Doesn't matter, his PC can't run it.

You'll be fine with old games, definitely suggest Total Annihilation. Spent hours upon hours on that game.