What are some good tablets?

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Looking to get a tablet, and was wondering what everyone recommends.

I do not want anything from Apple. That's pretty much my only strict standard.

As far as everything else, I would prefer (but don't need) the following:

  • Ability to keyboard dock would be nice
  • Standard sockets and stuff; audio jack, USB port or two, and so forth.
  • Sturdy
  • Budget equal or less than 750; if I can get a good one for under 500, that'd be preferable.
  • No proprietary nonsense, i.e. you can only use Apple chargers on Apple products. I want to be able to use whatever manufacturer accessories I want.

Thank you for all the responses. So far I am considering the MS Surface Go

*FYI I would be using this for internet, MS Word, MS Excel, watching Netflix and so forth. Nothing too strenuous

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@mrbojangles25: I use Surface Pro 4 i5 6300U as my travel tablet. Intel Icelake based 2-in-1 tablets are coming.

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@ronvalencia: somebody finally responded! Thank you.

I went ahead and got the Go, the Pro was tempting but I don't know that seemed like a bit too much money for me. This will be my first tablet and frankly the whole reason I am doing this is because I am taking a break from my PC, so I don't want something too capable.

If this works out I might look into something a bit more advanced, nice to know we have some more options coming.

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It need a back button. A task manager button. And a home button.

Speaker on the front. Jack. Memory slot.

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check out xiaomi tablets, you'll get fantastic performance at a lower price.. at an up start company the companies current business models is to sell things at little to no profit in order to establish brand recognition, and i have personally used a xiaomi phone for almost a year now and its a solid piece of hardware and comparable in specs to samsung galaxy tabs.. compared to an S3 it has 2x the storage capacity, more than double the processing power, same amount of RAM, same camera, better audio, better battery, same graphics.. about $100 less

as for keyboard docks, i wouldnt worry about it too much, you can get universal keyboard docks that'll hold a tablet and connect via bluetooth.. some may even let you connect via USB and charge off it too

that'd be the xiaomi MI pad 4 plus.. you'll find reviews on youtube