What are some good tablets?

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Looking to get a tablet, and was wondering what everyone recommends.

I do not want anything from Apple. That's pretty much my only strict standard.

As far as everything else, I would prefer (but don't need) the following:

  • Ability to keyboard dock would be nice
  • Standard sockets and stuff; audio jack, USB port or two, and so forth.
  • Sturdy
  • Budget equal or less than 750; if I can get a good one for under 500, that'd be preferable.
  • No proprietary nonsense, i.e. you can only use Apple chargers on Apple products. I want to be able to use whatever manufacturer accessories I want.

Thank you for all the responses. So far I am considering the MS Surface Go

*FYI I would be using this for internet, MS Word, MS Excel, watching Netflix and so forth. Nothing too strenuous

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@mrbojangles25: I use Surface Pro 4 i5 6300U as my travel tablet. Intel Icelake based 2-in-1 tablets are coming.

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@ronvalencia: somebody finally responded! Thank you.

I went ahead and got the Go, the Pro was tempting but I don't know that seemed like a bit too much money for me. This will be my first tablet and frankly the whole reason I am doing this is because I am taking a break from my PC, so I don't want something too capable.

If this works out I might look into something a bit more advanced, nice to know we have some more options coming.