WD 1TB Velicoraptor..

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Hey peeps, does anyone own this drive? I have an SSD for Windows 7 and i'm upgrading from a WD blue.. I heard the blacks aren't much faster so does anyone recommend this drive? or will the black be fast enough for gaming? thanks

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@GTA_MGS_1: i own one and i'm satisfied with it, but i can't really compare to the others since i don't own them

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Crucial MX100 512GB SSD ~$210.

Western Digital VelociRaptor 1TB HDD ~$210.

I wouldn't even touch the WD HDD.

Crucial MX100 SSD Review (including WD VelociRaptor numbers)

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Thanks for the replys :) I know they are expensive but i bet they have a longer life span than an ssd plus they have twice the capacity? :)

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How big is your SSD? Because if you have your games on the SSD and only need the Raptor for storage buy a pair of blues and put them in Raid0/1 and you will get better performance for cheaper. I have never used the raptors personally for 2 reasons. a) They are way overpriced for what they are, which is basically a 25% faster mechanical drive. and b) they tend to run hot, it is the only HD you need to worry about temp on. Also, no they do not have a longer lifespan. SSDs are well into the millions of hours now. Raptors have a lot of moving parts which are far more likely to fail, whereas an SSD has no moving parts.

I would recommend running a pair of Blues in RAID (you will get much faster reads than a Raptor) or waiting for the back to school sales and getting a bigger SSD. I bought a Crucial 500GB SATA3 drive last year for $260 and it is spectacular

EDIT: Go with the MX100, it is the the new revision of my M500, basically the same performance with newer parts.

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A WD black is more than sufficient for gaming.

Don't waste your money on this.