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Hey all, Wanted to share with you a very recent Kickstarter, suspiciously akin to a very, very old game that is perhaps still close to some of our hearts (those childhood memories... I could never understand why people giggled when I called the Horned Reaper the "Horny One"...) War of the Overworld looks and sounds a lot like Dungeon Keeper, but I honestly do not mind that. There have been many games trying to put on DK's big manly shoes, and their feet were usually much too small. Based on what I see here? We might finally be making some progress in the right direction, or perhaps a big leap. I would honestly not mind a revamped and improved Dungeon Keeper, or at least a Dungeon Keeper with nice, updated, graphics! Either way, if you want to read up more details, and checks some of the screenies, or take part in the discussion, hop onto the Kickstarter page! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/subterraneangames/war-for-the-overworld Cheers, WriterX
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It is such a nice surprise to hear Dungeon Keeper's voice actor Richard Ridings in this project. Pledged and wish them the best of luck.

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Awesome, have been looking forward to a new game similar to Evil Genious and Dungeon Keeper!