Video card died tonight :(

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So my gtx 570 died tonight, I was in the middle of playing Arkham City and the whole computer just turned off as if someone unplugged the computer. On restart it did post but nothing was displayed on the screen, popped in an old gtx 285 and it was working fine, precision x didn't recognize my 570 though. I installed the 570 on another rig, nothing was displayed on screen.

Not sure what happened but would like to know, the card was overclocked from 732mhz to 840mhz and voltage was set at 1.1mv, is that too high of an overclock to brick my card? Fan speeds were adjusted to increase as the temperature increased, I never saw the temp go above 80c.

Also I plan on buying an EVGA GTX 770 ACX

My current rig is

i7 860 OC 3.4 GHz

evga p55 ftw mobo

8gig ram

1.3TB hdd

The 770 should be compatible with my p55 ftw but if you guys have any concerns let me know.

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As long as your GTX 570 temps weren't too high The 570 failure was just unfortunate.

The 770 will work just fine with your motherboard

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Go for a 4GB GTX 770 you will run into bottlenecks with only 2GB of vram in more advanced games now and in the future.

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Thanks deadshot, I realized i would need 4gb for the future so I bought the very same card you recommended. It also came with Arkham origins, black flag and splinter cell. It should arrive tomorrow, I'm stoked.

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i didn't know people were dumb enough to mess with their video card voltages? i guess its a good time to upgrade anyways, just wouldnt mess around with that with a new card, they are plenty fast enough overclocking with factory set voltages

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Sorry to hear that OP. I feel for you.

My CPU died yesterday, first time ever Ive had a cpu die.

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Yeah this was the first time I had a card die on me, I'm not too bummed out about it though since I had a reason to finally upgrade. Hope everything else is fine with you system dark.