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I was just curious, does your local GS sell used or even PC games that aren't brand new? I mean, other then the major MMORPG's, my GS doesn't sell computer games once they get like 2 months old. And I know they don't buy pc games from customers, and I have never seen an older computer game there.

But, I see these posts from other users about them finding used pc games or an older pc game at their local GS, am I like the only one who doesn't have this convenience?

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The gamestops around me sell a lot of older computer games. I don't think they sell any used, but I know they sell things like the warcraft battle chest and other older games.
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A few of the EB Games around here sold "used" PC games but that pretty much ended once EB Games was bought out by Gamestop. I honestly think Gamestop couldn't care less about PC gaming. There are literally 8 Gamestops within 5 miles of my house and out of those 8 stores only 2 of them sell PC games (assuming you consider 1 side of a tiny rack, sparsely populated with mostly big-named new releases and a few obligatory copies of WoW, the equivalent of "selling PC games").

It's kind of ironic that the big-box stores around my house (i.e. BestBuy, Circuit City, etc.) actually carry more PC games than the so-called "video game" stores. Actually it's not just ironic -- it's a bummer. :(

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The gamestop in my town, (Fairbanks, Alaska) has a decent selection of PC games. About equal to the size of their console sections, but I usually get my PC games from this department store in town. They sell games in their electronics section, and the PC game section is as big as all the console and hand-held games sections combined. And I don't think anywhere would sell used PC games, because then people would just buy a game, install it, get a no-cd patch and sell it back. Which is pretty much illegal.
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Surprisingly,the two Gamestops near my house have a large variety of games, and that is something impressive, considering they do all the preorder and other specials.
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Unfortunately many of the Gamestop/EB Games stores no longer carry any PC titles and those that do carry a small selection. I remember when you could only find PC games in their stores and you could by PC games used. I guess that's why I end up ordering most of my games online now. If you want used PC games your pretty much stuck with ebay,, or the market place.
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The Gamestop near me has one rack with 10 or so PC games on it. The BestBuy that is near me has 6 HUGE shelfs that are each 20ft long or so full of PC games ranging from the early 1990s to new releases. I never shop at Gamestop anymore because they do not seem to care about their costumers.
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Same here...I only shop online for PC gaming goodness.