Upgrading processor? plug and play?

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I have the amd 3200+ and may look to upgrade my whole rig in the near future. I built this computer myself but am curious if a cpu upgrade requires more work than just replacing the old with the new and letting the system recognize it on its own.  On that topic...i ahve 1 gig of ram, should i get another in the process?
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I think the only thing you'll have to do is press "F1" when your pc first boots. You'll get screen that says "New configuration detected, press F1 to save changes." Unless you get a dual-core CPU, then you might have to install a few drivers.
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I'm not too educated on AMD socket types, but 3200+ is like 939 I think, and the ones that are being made today are 940 or Socket AM2 or something. So depending on your mobo and what cpu you want, you may need to by both. It usually is not as simple as buying a new part and dropping it in cause everything else changes too, bastards!.
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Couple drivers and maybe some initial startup settings but nothing too advanced that you cant figure out.  About your ram...2 gig is the new standard...so yeah i suggest you get another gig.  :)

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Flashing your B.I.O.S. is a good -safe bet if you want to upgrade your C.P.U. Your chances of conflicts or the dreaded B.S.O.D. decreases with a B.I.O.S. flash.roulettethedog

sorry but what does that mean?