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Hello everyone. I'm looking for arcade oriented flight game with flystick support. It can be for linux or Windows (thanks to Crossover). I'd like sim game, but all sim games have bad habit to have extremely complicated control scheme. I'm looking flight game with simple controls. When I say "flight" I mean physic model in general, it can be plane, helicopter, spaceship, submarine, drone or whatever else with 360° of freedom. I tried Crimson Skies but I can get to menu only first time, probably some save-file-voodoo. My laptop is not ultimate gaming machine so I'd prefer older titles (IntelPentium 2x 1.90Ghz, Intel broadwell GT1 with MESA, 4GB ram, Lenovo B50-80 Laptop, runs TombRaiderUnderworld just fine)

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Try Warthunder - it's free

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EF2000 the manual is only about 2000 pages.

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@PredatorRules said:

Try Warthunder - it's free

I hate MMO in general besides fact that I'm frequently playing without possibility of internet connection. I prefer single-player campaign. I'm introvert and being only human on map makes me feel safe.

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EF2000 the manual is only about 2000 pages.

YES ! This is way to go ! I love that crispy old-school graphic. I found manual online and it is only about 220 pages and it contains lot of technical information about real-life jet fighters. I like that ! I'm having some trouble to make it run but I'm sure I'll solve those troubles after some research.

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@garrom: Buy Wings of Prey - it's their single player older game

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@garrom: lol. I posted it as joke as it’s quite a technical game which I thought you were trying to avoid.

It is one of the best flight sims ever made though.

Hope you get it running!

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@jackamomo: Every time someone is joking, there will be someone who will take it seriously. Last time, someone was joking that he believes that earth is flat and look how it ended. I like retro games and I'm not avoiding technical details. I'm trying to avoid over-complicated controls. Many simulation games suffer from complicated controls, especially sci fi titles like mechwarrior or x-wing/TIE-fighter. But according to manual, european version (also called super EF2000) can be played just fine with 10 buttons and it have full support of flystick.

If you believe that it is one of best sim games ever made, you must have good reason. I'll just tweak it a little and it should run just fine. Let see if it is really so good game...

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@garrom: Well, I must say, EF2000 is about as complicated as it gets in terms of controls. But it will utilise absolutely every kind of dial and controller a flight stick might have which is why I thought of it.

Mechwarrior's complicated sim controls are a big bonus for me in that game. It just means there are more options available to you in the game. It's not overwhelming after you play a few games but it's not an arcade game.

EF2000 is very different to modern games. It doesn't hold your hand. You will need to master radars, cloud cover, ranges, maneuvers, loads of different systems and weapons. It might be overwhelming to a flight sim newbie but if you go through the manual first it should help you get into it.

There are a series of single player missions played along a persistent campaign with two other factions.

Just to reiterate this is a hardcore flight sim. It even earned them contracts to make flight sims for UK military. Here is a history I found of the developers, DID because why not, it's only 12 minutes long. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgXAsjCEBiA

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I think wings of prey is good enough, I also very reluctantly suggest ace combat assault horizons which is the series' lowest.

Also give DCS a try, the modules are madly expensive and it is as hardcore as it gets.

But get a load of this: The base DCS is free and it comes with two aircraft, one of which has a full campaign and set of quick missions and a missions editor that you can freely mess with.

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@jackamomo said:

EF2000 the manual is only about 2000 pages.

Hah! I remember that one. DiD made some great simulations.

The Falcon 4.0 manual might have that one beat, though; it came in a 4-inch binder.

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@mrbojangles25: yeah. Some people take flight sims SERIOUSLY! They spend fortunes on their hardware and software rigs. Often because they can’t afford lessons and the costs of actually flying.

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@jackamomo said:

@mrbojangles25: yeah. Some people take flight sims SERIOUSLY! They spend fortunes on their hardware and software rigs. Often because they can’t afford lessons and the costs of actually flying.

I got a HOTAS setup and VR just for flight sims.

I'm still terrible at them--can barely get the A-10 airborne in DCS World--but I love 'em.

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