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sorry if i mess up anything (first post)


i5 3230m

amd radeon hd 76070m 2gb vram

8gb ram ddr3

i just got the witchers 3 and i'm wondering if there's some mods on nexus to increase performance (i know lowspecgamer has two videos but they're mostly changing the config file and the second one bout mods does't cover that much)

i'm looking for 25+ fps

any help will be appreciated and sorry again if i broke some rules

edit:can you also tell me how to overclock my pc (don't worry about cooling i'll manage) i couldn't find a guide that works with my pc so any help is appreciated

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No, and no.

Can't overclock a laptop

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Moving to the PC forum for a more focused audience.

My opinion: you're out of luck. This is a demanding game, and if the lowest settings aren't enough you aren't likely to get it running well. But I've not attempted a downgrade mod before, maybe it's more common than I think

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@dakerbedis: lower graphics, can't do anything with those specs - you can try to buy a new laptop or PC.

Heck I think you should get PS4 - it would be much cheaper if you're talking about 1 game.

I could suggest you to upgrade to more RAM and install one of those dedicated for laptops GPU systems like MSI or Alienware sell but it'll cost you a lot.


Only if you wish to give your old PC/Laptop a boost - but as I said it isn't cheap.

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Time to retire the old PC and buy a new one.

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@BassMan said:

Time to retire the old PC and buy a new one.

or build :D