The Witcher vs. NWN2 MOTB

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Which is better, and why?


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The witcher is a brilliant games hands on no question about it.
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Yea Witcher is kewl and all, but no coop. Thats where NWN2 excels, much more replay value.
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Haven't played the expansion of NWN 2 but played thr original NWN 2 and The Witcher. I would have to say The Witcher is much better especially being an RPG. The decisions and consequences in NWN 2 isn't complicated like in real life which The Witcher excels in.
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I have played on both games , I could say that The Witcher is better than NWN 2 .
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The Witcher is fantastic, i havnt tried NWN2 yet but i did play part1 and its expansion
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Haven't played the expansion of NWN 2 but played thr original NWN 2 and The Witcher. I would have to say The Witcher is much better especially being an RPG. The decisions and consequences in NWN 2 isn't complicated like in real lifewhich The Witcher excels in.lordlors

Do you live in Somalia or the Darfur because I would honestly like to hear as to what you consider 'real life'?

Anyways MotB has better characters, writing & dialogues, story, voice acting and quest design.

The Witcher has better music, better combat, graphics, and its version of Aurora does not feel so clunky.

Both games have great atmosphere and great setting, The Witcher's is more medieval/downtrodden while MotB is more magical (in a non-lame way).

The Witcher has a ton of filler quests which suck.

The modified version of Aurora in MotB sucks too.

MotB opens better, The Witcher's prologue sucks, a lot.

MotB has a spirit meter that you can basically ignore if you are Good aligned and have to manage if you are Evil. It removes the 'rest' spam fom the previous D&D cRPG's.

My advice: Get both, MotB first and then The Witcher when the special edition is be released

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I liked MOTB a lot more then The Witcher but I loved both games, so I suggest you get both eventually. Maybe you should get NWN2 now and get The Witcher Enhanced version later when it has been released, in about 2 months.

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I loved The Witcher. If it had better Vista support it would've been my #1 game of 07. It's very rare that I leave a game installed when it constantly crashed. Witcher was an exception because it was too good to just stop playing cause of bugs. That's why I can't wait for the EE.

I'm gonna get NWN2 this week and I hope it'll be as good.

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I always liked more Neverwinter nights.
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having played through them both, they share many similarities, but id go with The Witcher
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The Witcher; it's deeper, and more fun in my opinion, with a rather good story.
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The Witcher then.
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You're kidding, right?

The Witcher by faaaaaaar

The Witcher: Excelent story, huge consiquences, best CRPG of 2007, in my TOP 3 RPGs of all time

NWN 2 + MOTB: Buggiest game ever (with every patch we fix a few things and mess up even more things), lame romance, lame story, shorter that the Witcher, Most Unoptimised game ever

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The Witcher all the way. And most of the crashes were fixed with the latest patch.

NWN2: ADnD rules

The Witcher: Ass-kicking rules

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#16 Posted by TA127 (774 posts) -
The Witcher is a whole different game and a lot better. It focuses more in the story line and atmosphere than in the battle mechanics. It feels like playing a book...cuz its based on one.
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It's such a rough call. They're both so good that it's really a crime for any RPG fan to miss either of them.
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The Witcher is the kind of rpg i've been waiting for ...since KoTOR I&II...i finished the game this week.Has a great story,awesome gameplay and pretty graphics,and the other thing i like in this game are the characters(mostly the character of Geralt 8) ) and the universe in which the story takes place.BRILLIANT! :D

I played NWN 2 too,but after 1 hour of playing i had to uninstall it...the game has a nice story too but ...the bugs ruin the game.

The Witcher all the way. :)