The stomping Land!!!! - EPIC Dino DayZ-esque game!

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The Stomping Land is a multiplayer survival game about dinosaurs.

In order to survive, your primary need is simply to eat dinosaur meat. There are plenty of small dinosaurs on the island for you to hunt, but larger carnivores are nearly impossible to kill and are effective at preventing you from obtaining your food.

At the very start, your hunter is weak and ineffective. By salvaging resources from the world, you will have access to tools and abilities that make you a competent hunter. These tools, when used in combination, will counter these larger carnivores or help you discover other ways of obtaining food. A few of these methods include:
- Building traps to wound carnivores
- Hunting down masses of small dinosaurs
- Sabotaging camps built by other players that contain food

Cooperation is highly rewarded since the process of hunting becomes drastically easier. Groups of hunters will have the ability to build campsites, which can be used to store meat. Large quantities of stored meat will enable abilities for that group.

The more meat that is being stored by players, the fewer huntable dinosaurs will be present on the map. This will cause other tribes to seek down and destroy your campsites. Becoming the dominant tribe on the island is the ultimate goal.


And the developer: Alex 'jig' - Game Director
Alex's background in the industry includes credits in games such as The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim andDungeon Defenders. For The Stomping Land, he works on everything from art and animation, to a.i. and gameplay programming. When not making games, Alex can be found either gazing at the cosmos with Neil Tyson, or playing some of his favorite games like Team Fortress, Mount & Blade, and Dota.

On Greenlight:

Man, I'm ecited for this! This has been like my dream game forver!


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The idea behind this is something very very close to my heart and something I would love to see done right

However this game looks positively terrible, no offence if you had a part in making it but it doesn't look polished enough. Something about it is off, like it's too fast or something. he guy runs and crawls like lightning.

I would love an open world durvival dinosaur game like it though

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That was a lot cooler then I was expecting, for something that's a work in progress. Personally I like the speed about it.
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By the thread's title I expected the game to be total crap. But damn it does look pretty amazing, I'm gonna have to keep an eye on this one, hopefully it ends up being as good as it looks.
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hey guys! If you think this game looks awesome then check out the Kickstarter and show your support! :)
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Nice concept but everything else looks pretty bad.

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Very nice concept. Damn that thieving T-rex !