The best military tactical game?

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Iand i dont mean something like cod4, with all the running and jumping.
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Have you played Rainbow six Vegas 2? I just got it today and it's very good. If you haven't played any of the past games you won't catch on for about the first 3 Acts. By catch on I mean know all the controls and how to go about executing room clearing and such. You rank up as you go and unlock more weapons, cloths, armor, camouflage etc. After you beat the game and unlocked everything, you can always play Terrorist Hunt online with some friends which is always fun. Definitely worth the money.
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Operation Flashpoint gets my vote.
It's more of a military sim. than a tactical shooter but still...

You could also check out Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter.

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In my opinion, ArmA is the best tactical FPS out there, if you're looking for 100% realism, it doesn't get better than this.

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SWAT 4biggest_loser
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In my opinion, ArmA is the best tactical FPS out there, if you're looking for 100% realism, it doesn't get better than this.


Yeah, this game has a great feel to it. Movement & shooting are really great! It's quite difficult, but there is a save anywhere anytime feature.

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Operation Flashpoint is the best.
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Not sure if Rainbow 6 is military, but Rainbow Six 3:Raven Shield is fantastic. This is the best title in the series in terms of tactics, went downhill after this.
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Original Ghost Recon + 2 expansion packs.
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A new Brothers in Arms is coming in two months, haven't played the first one, but, judged by the scenes showen on E3, the new one looks like a really great realistic tactical shooter, where you have to use real life tactics to take down the enemy. If you cant wait for that you can pick up the first Brothers in Arms, it got 9.0 on gs, it is a couple of years old, but the graphics in it looks a little older.

I don't know about Rainbow Six. To me, even though you have control over two npcs, it still feels pretty much like a regular FPS, really not the much tactics in the gameplay.

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I guess ArmA

OpFlash, as good as it was, will look very dated for a shooter these days

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Original Ghost Recon + 2 expansion packs.thusaha

What this guy said.

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Americas Army
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i like socom