Texture quality in 4K

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Hi I no my 1080GTX can not do it if want decent FPS setting everything to ultra. Does texture quality set to very high or ultra effect the quality of 4K resolution and not getting true 4k image if not set to ultra or max. If you no what I mean.

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not sure what you mean but a 1080 should give an average of 30 fps at 4K which is entry level. all graphics settings will give a performance hit, some of them have a very minor effect, usually though its aliasing and resolution which give the gpu a massive beating.

when looking at fps its important to remember when benchmarking that the average lows is very important, 30 fps above is fine, its when it drops below 30 fps that you will encounter problems, for example some games are not properly optimized so even with a good cpu and a 1080, running ac odyssey on a pc at ultra is very uneven with lots of stuttering and texture pop ins, it will be a struggle to maintain 30fps.

some sites like techpowerup, nvidia geforce and dsog ususlly give a performance analysis of some of the more current/successful/ marketed titles on pc, you could check to see what's going with your game if an analysis has been done.

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Any lowering of texture details would make 4k look a bit worse. Depends on the game. All you do is just take some screenshots with textures at max, then take some at each level down and compare them and decide if that little bit of texture detail is worth the performance hit.

Usually difference between Ultra and the one below it is almost nothing.

Turn down some shadow details also, you can barely notice them most of the time and can hit performance a lot... ambient occulsion has massive performance hits on some games and should be tested to see how much performance hit it gives.

Also some post processing effects, which sometimes make a game look worse and just give performance hits. Also never use antialiasing when using 4k, the performance hit is far too great and its not needed for the amount of aliasing it can take out.

"Decent fps" is what i would call 60fps. And you'll never get that in a modern game with all details set to ultra when running 4k with just a 1080. Even a 2080ti barely hits 60fps with everything on max at 4k.

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@skipper847: 4K in lower quality textures will allegedly look like 2K or even 1080 - depends on how much you lower those textures.