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I just saw this thing on The Sims 2 space on its banner it says to click and test if your pc can run this game... Its really cool. I was just wondering why it isint there for all the games. Or is it there but somewhere else? Please help..
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yeah its there for most of the games, just google system required labs and you will find.

you can also find them in just select the game and you will get info about it and a link to that site.

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Is the system requirements lab accurate? Cause i tested my laptop for DOOM3 and i actually passed the minimum and recomended specs for the game. I really dont think so, cause i downloaded the demo and it was running like crap.
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Here's the link


It tests if your system meets the minimum and recommended system requirements, not how well it runs. So if it barely passes the minimum requirements, it's obviously not going to run very well.