Suggestions for Single GPU Card?

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I'm building a LAN box and need help choosing a good single gpu card. I've norrowed it down to Asus Matrix HD 7970 and Asus GTX 680 DCII TOP. Which of these would be generally better for games? Post other cards if these aren't the best. Thanks!

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Go for either 7970 or 670. 680 sucks. For the same/close price, get the 7970. Otherwise, the 670.

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This ^

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the 680 doesnt suck, it runs better then the 670, even if its only 5-10% better. just depends on how much money you want to burn. I have my 680 overclocked a lot, and using the stock cooler and nothing slows it down.

I think for the best value-performance AMD may be the way to go, but depends on what company you have more faith in for stable drivers.

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One other thing you may want to look at is which uses less energy, I think the nvidia cards use less power then the AMD cards.

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HD 7850 for the 200 dollar or below range