Suggest Co-op games for pc

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Like the titles says,

i want a game that everybody have to cooperate with others to finish like LFD2.

Ty guys

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@yury25: World of Tanks if you have approximately a week to learn it and understand you can sell tanks to make room for new ones and not have to spend money (which I figured out eventually). But it is a HARD CORE sim game but if you have the time, TURN OFF CHAT, and patience can be extremely rewarding.

Company of Heroes: Tales of Valour (ie the first one) if you are a rts fan (still almost as many playing online as the sequel). Do not look at the sequel, just ignore it and back away slowly.

There is of course 7 Days to Die which is a third person base building zombie defence game.

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I agree

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Lego games. Especially star wars, since its the trend currently.

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Broforce, should be very cheap currently.

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@yury25: There's way too many. But if you want something similar to Left 4 Dead 2, one of the closest one I can think of is Vermintide.

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@yury25: Killing Floor 2

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Payday 2 and Borderlands 2 are great co-op

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If your into action zombie killing games, Resident Evil 6 and 5(You can play split screen if you download the original version) and Resident Evil Revelations.

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WarFrame, PayDay 2, Magicka, and Serious Sam 3 BFE are some I'd recommend aside from the what everyone else has listed

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Wow I was gonna make the same thread. I made so any good friends via L4D2 but grew out of it as it stopped being updated. I went back months ago but it was so empty. I really wish more modern games allowed you to be as social as you could in L4D2 (the open mic in every game was so amazing). Any luck so far?

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Alien Swarm it is for free.

And Alien Breed 1- 3

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Portal 2 sounds like it would probably suit you :p

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I would recommend some survival titles like rust, Life is feudal but if you are more into actual first person shooters you should try out rising storm 2 Vietnam.

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Payday 2, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Resident Evil 5, Black Ops series zombie mode.