Steam is ridiculous to it's members....

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I used to have a Steam account, that I did not use very often, and recently I upgraded my Mac operating system to Mojave, and started getting error bubbles that would pop up, when I started the computer up, on the desktop....

These errors were warning me that Steam would no longer function on future operating systems, and should be upgraded. So, I go to the Steam website, and try to login to do this upgrade, and it will not accept my login information as valid, for some reason. I KNOW I entered everything exactly right, but the page keeps saying 'The username or password entered is not correct'?? It is almost as if they have forgotten my account somehow. As a result, I attempted to user their provided option to recover / reset the password, but it does no such thing, and just takes you to a page of FAQs, which are only helpful if the site is working as designed....

Next step, try to contact support for answers (yeah right). There is no number / chat support or any way to reach Steam, besides putting in a Ticket, and waiting until they get around to replying. As such, I decided instead to post a thread in the forums, but it will not allow me to do that with the newly created account, because I have not spend a certain amount of money on Steam, which again I do not use for anything anymore. *Strong-Arm Robbery*

I mean, how many billions do those Steam people need?? To be this PARANOID about everything, seems a bit overkill to me. If your team is ahead 90 to 20 in the 4th quarter, it is not time to start cheating, or maybe I am wrong. In any case, I despise web businesses that go out of their way to be inaccessible by hiding behind Tickets. THAT is my beef with Steam really, and SO MANY other online entities.

You know what, forget it, I will just stop giving a fig altogether, Steam can go jump off a bridge for all I care. That is unless somebody knows a better way to get in touch with them!!

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When you're the number 1 gaming platform on PC and probably on MAC and Linux - you do what you have to in order to keep people from being account hacked.

You can try to wait for the support team - it takes no more than 2 days to week tops for the to answer and resolve your issue, if again you'll be able to provide the right answeres to prove it's your account you're trying to recover, I've had failed to recover my EA account so I made another one, same goes for original Guild Wars.

It's best if you can show them receipts for games you've purchased on that account.

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For clarification, you're seeing those messages because the Steam app is apparently 32-bit. Catalina (code name for the next version of the MacOS, out in Sept) will support 64-bit apps only. So if you upgrade to Catalina this fall, Steam won't run (unless Valve updates it).

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I don't understand all of what I'm reading. I'm sorry.

Regarding the support on OSX, Apple is not supporting 32-bit. That's their issue; do you blame old computer games for not running on modern OS, or the modern OS for not supporting the old games? Steam will update eventually, I'm sure.