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If I buy a game on Steam does that potentially cause it to be unmoddable? I was thinking of buying Space Empires IV on there, but I want to be able to use all the fan-made mods.
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Depends on the game's modding capabilities. If the game directly supports modding, you'll have no problems using mods. But if the mod requires you to replace essential game files I don't think it'll work.
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I've never had any problem adding mods to Steam downloaded games.

It's the same as retail...

You shouldn't have any trouble....just remember that all Steam games are patched to the latest version so make sure the mod is compatiable with the latest patch.

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The only difference is where you put the files. If the game requires you to put the game in x://Program Files/Game Name the instead you need to put the files in x://Program Files/Steam/Account Name/ Game Name I think.
I COULD be wrong on this. :D

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Like the others have said, you just need to install the mod into a different directory than you would if the game was not on steam. But if you know where it needs to go it should work fine.

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You can mod. Put the mod in the game folder. Its located at C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/whatever game you are modding.
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The only mods that tend to have issues are those that modify the main executable - either by changing it 'physically' or by changing it in memory (this is due to the Steam protection). Mods that just add to/alter data files work fine (and some games now support executable modding like FO3 and Oblivion due to Steam changing the protection from the main executable to the launcher executable)
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What about GTA IV.

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Can you do the companion mod or any of those on Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines? The steam version. And if so could someone tell me step by step or point me toward a video that would help? please and thank you very much!!