Steam game updates are fucked up

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I have noticed lately (at least a few weeks) that upon launching the Steam client, it will occasionally want to update a bunch of my games for no reason. They are not actual game updates, just bullshit updates with no significant data to download. This has become annoying. Has anybody else encountered this?

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yea, I saw this yesterday. When I started steam, like half the games in my library needed to update, but they didn't seem to be 'real' updates as you said. When I tried to start one of the games that needed an update, it wouldn't actually download anything

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Did you guys check the Download Que? When I looked, I noticed a number of 25.4 MB updates for the selected games that were scheduled for install the following day.

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Had this happen to me yesterday, went to check the new/forums for each game, nothing there like "Hey new update out!"

It was very mysterious, I must say. I think I had about 10 games requiring this phantom "update"

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Glad to hear it is not just me. Very bizarre updates for sure. Valve must be rattled by all this news of Epic Store and other competition. They can't even update games properly anymore. LOL

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They're rebuilding their database for better compression. I know one thing they are doing is moving all images to that new WebP format.

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Mine won't update anymore without me manually telling the game to do so. Been that way for a while. I don't know if I missed the memo and this is a "feature" but I doubt it because there's always a scheduled update time... That it completely doesn't do anything about

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Steam client update out now that apparently fixes games updating bug.

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Ah, so they have changed something. I haven't used Steam in a couple of weeks and perhaps 70 out of 90 games I have have an update pending.

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Just activate them all in you download library, that fixed it for me.

It requires a lot of clicking, but that's it.

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the update worked for me

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I thought it was punishment for buying FF XIII, yep, I messed up.