Star Ruler, how is it?

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Seeing that Star Ruler is currently 75% off on steam right now, should I buy this game? Probably the only game that I have played that is similar to this game is Sins of a Solar Empire. I really like SoaSE, but feel like it could use some ship customization. I also wish the combat required more tactics and positionining in SoaSE. Having said that, is Star Ruler the right game for me?

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Has anyone here even played this game?
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I got a copy early last year but stopped playing with it in March when I received my Vita.

This game has changed significantly since it was release, including a slew of improvements to every aspect of the game, drastically improving the fun of gameplay and the performance of the game as well. The ship customisation allows you to create hulking death stars that blow up stars and planets in one shot, or create a hoard of tiny fighters to overwhelm your enemies defences.

You can also create squads of ships that all complement each other and form a good team, or simply create a ship bigger than your solar system with a trillion guns that obliterates everything within weapons distance from it.

You should try it.