Spoiled the next gen consoles for myself

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Built a gaming pc last year with an OC'd i5 3590k and an OC MSI 7950. I was playing games like Skyrim and Bioshock and max settings with a good framerate. Suddenly my ps4 does not feel as overwhelming as I thought it would. I love the simplicity for games I dont want to monkey with whatesoever but I mean I downloaded AC Black flag for my PC and then played it on my ps4 two days later and it didnt look nearly as good. There is even display errors with assisns creed on ps4 just like PC.Anyone else have a similar situation?

Just stating my opinion. Ps4 is a lovely machine, just kind of took away from some of the wonder of a new console generation.

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yeah, i remember that feeling of an upgrade, last time was when I had a gamecube and upgraded to an xbox 360. I had a pc but it was outdated, so consoles were my only type of gaming. Every generation up to that point, I could definitely appreciate the upgrade in graphics. Pretty sad now that I think about it. PC graphics dont have jumps like consoles do, they have constant advances going at a smooth rate. So when the new consoles finally release, you who have already experienced that level of graphics a few years ago on the PC are left a little dissapointed. Don't worry about it too much, just enjoy the games you like.